All students from Classroom Program Only
Students from Distance, DLP, Crash Course & Test Series are not included

"Is there any institute in India, which publishes the result of selected students with the name of Medical college, they have grabbed through NEET". (Based on Result Received so Far)


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DS Stars of NEET 2019

medical coaching

Perfect Symbiosis

DS Programmes are structured in such a way, that the entire NCERT syllabus is integrated within it, thereby producing results not only in NEET & AIIMS but Boards as well.

DS has long held the policy to publish photographs of MBBS stars only. (BDS/Dental Selections are not included)

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Our students are our Brand Ambassadors

We do not believe in the over-the-top marketing being done among coaching institutes of India. We rely solely on “Word of Mouth” of our classroom students and their parents.

No Salaried Faculty teaches at DS

It's a universal fact that the amount of Effort, Dedication & Quality Teaching required for the selection of student can be provided only by the Faculty, who himself is the owner. As owner is interested only in the selection of student for Personal Satisfaction, Brand Image and also to ensure institute’s survival. Whereas one cannot expect the same dedication from a Salaried Faculty.

The result of student is not determined by the name of institute [no matter how it is]. It is rather determined by the ones who have trained the brain of students in classroom. The institute, therefore, revolves around its faculty that truly plays the pivotal role in the success.

Over the years, the above faculty has produced various Merit Holders in various exams such as Hardik Pandey ( AIR- 9), Apoorv Singh Yadav (National Biology Olympiad Topper), Bhavesh Santani (CBSE Board MP Topper), Biology Section Toppers of AIPMT 4 years in a row [2008-2011] to name a few. On the other hand, the previous IIT experts managed 4 students who scored 99.9+ percentile in AIIMS Physics in 2017 itself.

NO Direct Admission in DS

There are 4 Faculty of National acclaim at DS, and being at the end of the day human beings themselves, they are able to take at most only 4 Batches in a session, in which they provide maximum dedication and quality teaching.

And Since, Students from around 13 States apply for admission in DS, the Number of applicants far out-number the seats available at DS. As a result, No direct admission is given at DS.

Therefore, Medicon is conducted & only those students who qualify in it are eligible for admission, which in the end, makes the classroom environment of DS most competitive & sincere in India, as each student is filtered on the basis of merit beforehand.


Our Modus Operandi, Teaching Methodology,Classroom Programme Structure & Selection Strategy will be disclosed only in seminar and 1-on-1 counselling session.

Since, DS goes out of the way in filtering students before admission, makes us very protective of our limited students and to ensure that they don’t get distracted by external nuisance-creating factors given their young age, we maintain discipline & surveillance to the point of dictatorship at DS and DS affiliated Gurukul Hostel (via 24x7 Warden). Various counter-measures and policies such as uniform, counseling, PTM, fines etc are imposed.

Detailed list, counter measures and policies will be disclosed in our seminars and counselling sessions.

Only talent recognition exam in INDIA where are given on the basis of percentage scored rather than rank secured. So each and every student is eligible and can get.

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Open book test will not be for 12th pass-out students, they will have to give exam in standard format. Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops and discussion are banned whether it is open book test or not.
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As the number of seats are limited and no salaried faculty is hired to teach the students, makes us grudgingly the most expensive institute in India. Having said that, aspiring students may even get to study free based on his/her performance in Medicon. Also, additional concessions are available for economically weak, physically handicapped and military personnel students, irrespective of Medicon.

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Only Hostel Set up in India where camera access of CCTV surveillance is given to the parents of DS Students, so that they may see their ward from Bangalore, Bhilai, Bahrain or from any place in the World. The parents have the app installed in their smartphones by Gurukul caretaker, in which they will be able to see the entrance/exit, corridors, study hall etc of Hostel.

Teachers visit regularly for doubt clarification in DS affiliated hostels, which are conducted in study hall of gurukul.

USP of DS Package

Whenever there are conceptual topics or subjects involved like physics, chemistry (especially organic chemistry), biology (Yes, biology is also conceptual and is not for just mugging up) etc., student should not study from more than 1 teacher and refer theory part of such topics from more than 1 book. Because each teacher and author of a particular book (package/study material) has his own unique approach for concept building, analysis and application of knowledge. For questions practice, one can solve many books, but for theory part student has to limit himself to 1 book/package/study material.

At DS, we go one step further, here the student understands the concept first from teacher in the class and revises from package which is made by same teacher and thus have same language and order at home. This synchronization of classroom language and study material language helps the student to revise and retain the concept in his mind for a long time, thus minimizing the possibility of confusion due to difference of language and approach to a great extent.

Unlike Kota, Bhopal does not suffer from heavy traffic of over-a-million non-supervised teenage students, and drug epidemic of Kota, which was 5th highest in number of registered drug trafficking cases in India, as per NCRB.

Bhopal, being the capital of MP, is thankfully quite safe and secured. It is not an industrial hub either [like Indore] that makes the city a relatively peaceful oasis. Geographical location of Bhopal also makes the place accessible from all the major cities / states of the country through air, railway and roads..Bhopal is also the home of all administrative government bodies, so most of its working population is employed in service sector that induces an ambitious, sincere and career-oriented educational culture among students of Bhopal. In 2017 alone, out of 168 students qualified for NTSE stage 1 in General/OBC category, 72 were from Bhopal itself.

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