One cannot imagine a perfect healthy life without the presence of an indispensible connecting link between human being and God, the DOCTOR. It was just an idea that clicked in the mind of Dr. Durrani in 1996 [though he was engaged in teaching science graduate post-graduate in a private college, since 1984], to help prepare these “connecting links” so as to contribute the society and serve the humanity in best possible manner. The very idea motivated Dr. Durrani to guide a small faction of medical aspirants to shine in MP-PMT. Though the ecstasy of those few selections induced addiction of “sweet-success” at personal level, but the real euphoria was generated by the obliged and poignant faces of star-parents that played the catalytic role in self-perfection and craving to send more and more students to the college of their dreams in the subsequent years.

The indispensible companion of the two some of “best biology team of India”, Mr. Sinu John saw a dream with open eyes in 1998, to help mould the undifferentiated, but enthusiast students into real-life angels, the DOCTORS. The “open-eyed dream” witnessed several sleepless nights in Mr. Sinu John, when he was single-handedly cruising his boat in troubled waters of medical coaching, through teaching of Botany in Indore. In quest to play a bigger role in his well-thought vision, he moved to Bhopal in 2001, and after religiously following the honest methods of success for full-five years, he teamed up with Dr. Durrani in 2006, just in compliance to the proverb “Birds of the same feather flock together”. The vision of Mr Sinu John was only to be fulfilled by the association of both of them.

The union of the two which combined the zeal of Dr Durrani and the vision of Mr Sinu John, ushered a new era of success in the medical selections, when the students of Bhopal and suburbs uplifted themselves from state level, and started shining at national level. Evidently so, Aseem Gargava, Tanvi Shah, Isha Kapoor, Vivek Vijay Kumar scored highest marks in Biology in All India in AIPMT - 2008, AIPMT - 2009, AIPMT - 2010, AIPMT - 2011 respectively. The selections, since then, started pouring in, and the tradition continued in ascending manner.

Behold, the real magic of success was yet to be written on the pathway of AIIMS, so “twosome” of Durrani-Sinu John made a band of “foursome” with Mr Rohit Vishwakarma of Physics and Mr Sarfaraz Khan of Chemistry in 2012. The union of the four specialists came into the form of DS CLASSES GROUP. The passionate luminaries amalgamated the sacred intentions, of posting maximum students to AIIMS, with extreme hard work, rationally designed teaching methods, relevant study material and analytical testing mechanism, that transform their individual dreams into united vision, and united vision into magnified “Mission- AIIMSonians”

Who will teach & nurture?


The result of student is not determined by the name of institute [no matter how it is]. It is rather determined by the ones who have trained the brain of students in classroom. The institute, therefore, revolves around its faculty that truly plays the pivotal role in the success.

  • Just as adept cutting decides the brightness and value of diamond, the right coaching with best cutters [faculties] skillfully carves your ward as brightest diamond. Though a worst cutter may also cause the diamond to shine by his incompetent hand but to transform it to “Kohinoor Diamond” you need to have the best cutter, like we have at DS, where we try hard to help student to glitter at his best in the targeted goal.
  • The expertise, en-wrapped into experience, of the faculty makes us the trend setter. The best text material of an institute will be treated as printed garbage, unless it penetrates the brain of student. The printed material is always left behind outside of examination hall, and is good for nothing if it was impassable to brain.
  • It's the 'brain' that goes inside the examination hall with student, so we train the brain, and our motive is reflected in the phrase “We do not drain the brain to make you BIN, we rather train the brain to make you WIN”.

Teachers, Academic Directors of DS

Dr. Durrani, Academic Director (Zoology)

M.Sc. [Gold medalist], Ph.D, Teaching zoology since 1984. A mesmerizing teacher, who believes religiously in revision and memorizing concept in the class itself. His unique, energetic teaching style that includes jingles tricks, stories, philosophical bits, are a masterpiece, which has helped thousand of students to grab medical college of their dreams at national as well as state level. The motivating force of DS Classes.

Mr. Sinu John, Academic Director (Botany)

M.Sc. Ag (Plant Breeding & Genetics) Teaching botany since 1998. A perfect exam analyst, who has mastered the art of relevant teaching, based on the current exam pattern, to such an extent that almost all the questions asked in the exams, are from the notes given in class. He teaches botany in a very interesting manner by means of various illustrations and examples. The visionary behind the DS classes.


Rohit Vishwakarma, Academic Director (Physics)

Bachelor of Engineering, Teaching Physics since 2002 : His reasoning based teaching makes him an esteemed teacher. Unbelievably, through his concept building approach, he has removed the Physics-phobia from the minds of medical aspirants once and for all. His indefatigable efforts to post the students to AIIMS is the icing on cake. A very meticulous planner.

Sarfaraz Khan, Academic Director (Chemistry)

Post Graduate in Chemistry, Teaching since 2006.
He is the most charismatic teacher of chemistry ever born in Bhopal. He is blessed to have the rarest occurrence of equal expertise on all three branches of chemistry. Incredible enough, his any single class of whole syllabus makes him the most ideal teacher of students. The marathon runner of DS classes. He never tires, and is always available for the students.

DS Classes